Rapid Spotty 750ml

Rapid Spotty 750ml

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Rapid Spotty 750ml - $15.61
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RapidClean Spotty Carpet and Upholstery Spotter is a patented stain remover that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres. It offers excellent stain and spot removal and is safe for use on most carpet, rug and upholstery fibres. Outstanding re-soiling resistance, combined with low VOCs and its non-hazardous GHS classification makes it tough on stains and gentle on fibres.


- Fast acting
- Ready to use
- No scrubbing
- Cleans & refreshes

1. Test in a small inconspicuous area for colourfastness using a clean, white towel.
2. Remove as much excess dry or liquid soiling as possible before applying Spotty.
3. Spray affected area with a light foam of Spotty. Wait a few moments, then gently blot with a clean, damp colourfast cloth. Rinse cloth and repeat until surface is clean. Do not overwet the carpet.
4. Vacuum the treated area when the carpet is dry.