Avenge Legendary Neutral Spotter 946ml

Avenge Legendary Neutral Spotter 946ml

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Avenge Legendary Neutral Spotter 946ml - $31.11
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DISCLAIMER: The Bridgepoint Professional Range is recommended for experienced carpet cleaners only. Please follow all instructions and use with caution.

Avenge Legendary Neutral Spotter is ideal for safe and effective removal of most stains!

It has a neutral pH and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively! Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains, as well as many combination oil and water-based stains.

Use Avenge to remove those "impossible" stains: blood, pet stains, urine, catsup, chocolate, coffee, tea, food, liquor, most shoe polish, cosmetics, crayon, washable ink, grime, iodine, mildew, oil, latex, paint and many more!

Avenge will not work on: dyes, indelible ink, bleach, or stains set by heat or other cleaning processes