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Metalbrite Cleaner is a colourless liquid, manufactured with acids and detergents and formulated to clean and brighten alloys, steel and stainless steel.
Metalbrite is M A F approved.

Appearance:Clear liquid.
Flash Point:Non Flammable.
Contains:500g/L Phosphoric Acid.

Mag Wheel Cleaning.
Chassis cleaning.
Aluminium and alloy parts brightening.
Concrete truck cleaning.
Concrete cleaning and etching.
Rust Killing.
Steel Cleaning.
Rail and Brake Dust Remover.

If the area to be treated is contaminated by oil or grease it is advisable to pre-clean using a degreaser such as Multi Clean.
Wet the surface to be treated with water.
Dilute where necessary (as below) and apply by brush or spray to the surface to be cleaned. Work from the bottom to the top and allow the solution to stand for one to two minutes. DO NOT allow the product to dry on the surface. Agitate the surface with a brush and then rinse off thoroughly with cold running water.

Light Duty Cleaning
1 : 30 parts water
Heavy Duty Cleaning
1 : 10 parts water

Store in a secured container out of the reach of children.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes at all times.

Important: as we have no control over where this product is used, where it is applied or how it will react, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the results obtained.
The seller, distributor or manufacturer shall not be liable for any injury direct or consequential, arising out of how the product is used.