Libra Period Care Dispenser

Libra Period Care Dispenser

$166.14$144.47 +gst Each
Libra Period Care Dispenser - $144.47

Improve staff/student/member attendance by supplying period care!

Elevate your restroom experience with the Tork Period Care Mini Dispenser P2. This compact dispenser is designed for easy access in restrooms. Its space-saving size makes it perfect for tight spaces, making it an excellent choice for smaller restrooms where maximizing efficiency is key.

- Designed for easy access and discreet placement in restrooms
- Compact size perfect for tight spaces, making it ideal for smaller restrooms

Dispenser (H) 394mm x (W) 320mm x (D) 124mm

Please be aware that this product is not kept in stock at our facility. As a result, the estimated delivery time is approximately 5-7 days.