Bioclean Probiotic Odour Neutraliser 1L

Bioclean Probiotic Odour Neutraliser 1L

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Bioclean Probiotic Odour Neutraliser 1L - $29.17
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Bioclean blends probiotics with a patented odour neutraliser to treat odours at the source. Highly effective anti-resoiling technology and elimination of stench from human waste, spoiled foods, and decaying matter. Bioclean Probiotic Odour Neutraliser leaves a clean, sanitary scent wherever it is used.

- Professional odour neutralising technology - This works by odour-pairing on a molecular level.
- Wide application - Instantly eliminates the stench of decaying matter, necrotic tissue and sewage.
- Sophisticated probiotic chemistry - Powerful quad-enzyme action digests organic odour sources.
- Aerial odour control - Neutralises air-borne mal odours
- Surface odour control - Neutralises odours trapped in fabrics, carpet, wood and porous surfaces.
- Fresh residual scent - Deodorises the area with a fresh floral scent.
- Anti-resoiling technology means that surfaces stay clean for longer

Bioclean Odour Neutraliser is highly effective on most water cleanable surfaces including synthetic materials, wood, concrete, stone, tiles and grout.lso For use on all wool and synthetic fibres. However, pretesting is recommended especially on delicate fibres to ensure dye and fibre stability and possible sensitivity to chemicals.

Add 30-60ml per litre of water (1:16 to 1:32) dependent on soil conditions.
For heavy soiling, up to 100ml per litre can be added.

pH: 8-9
Fragrance: Floral
Safety: Non Hazardous
Packaging: 1L, 5L,20L, 200L