Microshield Mat  Includes 6 Disposable Inserts

Microshield Mat Includes 6 Disposable Inserts

$342.13$297.50 +gst Each
Microshield Mat Includes 6 Disposable Inserts - $297.50
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Microshield is the last line of defence before someone enters. Kill the germs at the door.
Stop germs at your entrance with Microshield. Designed to be placed in the entrance way, with a traditional fiber mat after to control moisture, Microshield is designed to have an anti-bacterial solution inside the mat, with 6 pads located inside the base. The person stands on the mat, and the solution kills germs as they stand on the pad. The person proceeds to wipe their feet on a traditional fiber mat to dry their feet and prevent slips and falls from excess moisture.

Use in entrance-ways in education, hospitality, food service, office, manufacturing, government buildings and gyms/recreational facilities.

- Stop germs at your doorway
- Comes with 6 pads for extended use
- 6.5 litres of anti-bacterial solution lasts week/2 weeks depending on use
- Holds all liquid inside the footbath
- Reduce the spread of microrganisms
- Pads are replaceable