Caskade Easy Foam 20L

Caskade Easy Foam 20L

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Caskade Easy Foam 20L - $117.67
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Alkaline Foam Cleaner Sanitiser

Easy Foam is formulated as a high foaming cleaner sanitiser for use in all food preparation and storage areas. It exhibits excellent grease and protein removal. It is a Chlorine based cleaner sanitiser, providing effective cleaning and sanitising in one step.
Easy Foam can be used in both sea water and mains water and can be used for cleaning areas within a large processing room provided the room can be divided into distinct areas. No edible product or packaging material may be present in the area during cleaning and there can be no possibility of contamination of product or packaging material as a result of cleaning.

Directions for use:
Food surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water before production starts
- Foam Cleaning: 1.0% (10mL/L)
- Pressure Spray: 0.8% (8 mL/L)
- Buckets: 1.0% (10mL/L)
- Use up to 60ºC water
- Do not store pre-diluted solutions of Easy Foam overnight because the hypochlorite content may drop unpredictably
- Rinse thoroughly with potable water after cleaning

Areas of use:
- Meat processing
- Poultry processing
- Seafood processing
- Commercial fishing vessels
- Shipping containers
- Cool rooms
- Food processing plants
- Dairy plants