I-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-Botic
I-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-BoticI-Team Co-Botic

I-Team Co-Botic

$479.55$417.00 +gst Each
I-Team Co-Botic 1700 Vacuum - $1,118.00
I-Team Co-Botic Robot Vacuum Docking Station - $417.00

The co-botic 1700 is a smart, programmable vacuum robot that allows you to simply sit back and watch the cleaning magic happen before your eyes. Thanks to our intelligent software design, the co-botic 1700 takes your instructions on where to clean, offering a convenient and precise autonomous vacuum for your workplace.

The i-team professional app gives you complete control of your fleet of vacuum robots, dividing your workspace into several zones, and allowing you to view daily information. This also allows you to create virtual boundaries in your environment, translating to a customised cleaning regimen tailored specifically for your needs.

Better still, if you’re short on time, the co-botic 1700 has been designed with a smart self-programming feature that maintains an efficient, effective and highly convenient autonomous vacuuming experience.

Building planning - Setup multiple co-botic 1700 machines in a room. Leave it at the front door, start the machine and let it run. It automatically returns at the beginning.
Flexibility is key - The power remote comes with the co-botic 1700. You can use it to directly start autonomous cleaning a room instead of using the app.
Dustbin inside - A small dust collector is integrated in the co-botic 1700.
Using the app - You can schedule the co-botic 1700 by using the i-team professional App. You can divide the room in several zones and get day to day information out of the App. Also creating virtual boundaries is a possibility to setup your device as precise as possible.
Docking station (Optional) - For a central drop and go system the co-botic 1700 is available in combination with a central dump station. It automatically finds the route to the docking station and it will empty itselves.

Technical Specifications

Duration time - 270 minutes user time
Charge time - 240 minutes
Sound Level - 73 dB / 67 dB/65dB
Speed - 0.3m/s
Obstacle crossing ability - 20 mm
Max. Slope - 15°
Dust Bin volume - 400 ml
Clean Area - Quiet: 160m2/ Standard: 120m2/ Power: 100m2
RPM Main Brush - 1300rpm
RPM Side Brush (clean) - 230±15%r/min
RPM Side Brush (recharging) - 120±15%r/min
Battery - 16.8V / 5200 mAh
Dimension - 350x350x98