I-Mop Lite With Charger & BatteryI-Mop Lite With Charger & Battery
I-Mop Lite With Charger & BatteryI-Mop Lite With Charger & Battery

I-Mop Lite With Charger & Battery

$7,629.10$6,634.00 +gst Each
I-Mop Lite With Charger & Battery - $6,634.00

What is the i-mop lite?
The smallest of the i-mop family of revolutionary floor cleaning machines, the i-mop lite is designed for cleaning small to medium commercial and healthcare environments. It is also suitable for cleaning in domestic applications.

Small area industrial floor cleaning
The i-mop is the only scrubber dryer designed with no axle. This patented design is what makes i-team's industrial mop machine so maneuverable and ideal for cleaning floors where you cannot normally use a scrubber. A huge 70% of floors are still mopped by hand due to a lack of maneuverable scrubber dryers and commercial floor cleaning machines. The i-mop changes all that, as the best floor scrubbing machine on the market, cleaning right to edges and under tables and leaving no tyre marks or dirty edges. It's the best way to clean any floor.

Exceptional cleaning power
i-mop lite is an extremely versatile battery auto scrubber with high-speed brushes and is the perfect hard floor cleaning machine. The exceptionally compact design make the i-mop lite ideal for cleaning in small retail environments, hospitals and commercial premises wanting to reduce cleaning time and improve hygiene standards. The i-mop lite is also perfect for home use.

Travel & clean anywhere
On average, a traditional scrubber dryer of the same scrub width (37cm) would weigh 60kg, compared to the i-mop lite, which sits at just 14kg. The i-mop lite will even fit in the back of a standard car. Moving between commercial sites and up and down stairs is easy with the i-mop lite.

You don’t need a doctorate to use the i-mop lite. All the programming has been done for you. Select the desired operating mode by pushing the buttons on the handle, squeeze the trigger, and begin your cleaning. Maintaining your industrial floor mop machine is very straightforward.

Colour-code your solution tanks for different chemicals and applications. Interchangeable batteries for your industrial floor mop allow you to switch your batteries on the fly and keep cleaning – no downtime! You can also use easy-to-change brushes and pad drives for different floor types.

Technical Specifications

Hard floor types (porcelain tiles, natural stone, timber, vinyl, non-slip floors)
Theoretical Performance - Up to 1400m² per hour
Practical Performance - 700 - 1000m² per hour
Brush Speed - 500 RPM
Brush Pressure - 13 kg
Scrub Width - 37cm
Size Machine (l x w x h) - 34 x 43 x 120cm
Weight without batteries - 11.5kg
Clean water tank - 3L
Recovery clean tank - 5L
Material - PP, Aluminum alloy
Power source - 1 i-power
Battery - 18V - 12Ah - 250Wh
Run Time - 45 minutes
Charge Time - 6 hours