I-Dose Range10ml Daily10ml Daily10ml Daily
I-Dose Range10ml Daily10ml Daily10ml Daily

I-Dose Range

$102.35$89.00 +gst Pack
I-Dose XL Clean Tank - $94.00
I-Dose E52 10ml Daily Cleaner Blue X120 - $89.00
I-Dose E33 10ml Daily Sanitary Pink X120 - $89.00
I-Dose E73 10ml Floor Green X120 - $89.00

i-dose concentrated power for i-mop XL
i-dose solution tank cleaning pod system upgrade for i-mop XL, complete with i-dose injector & cleaning pod holder.

With i-dose we introduce pods that contain a super concentrated cleaning formula. Just pop the pod and wait for the liquid to drop in the water.

The i-dose product is:

Eliminates overdosing which prevents chemical residue buildup
Economical Solution
Eliminates the hazards of manual diluting chemicals
Fast & easy