Caskade Advance Antibacterial Foaming Soap 5L

Caskade Advance Antibacterial Foaming Soap 5L

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Caskade Advance Antibacterial Foaming Soap 5L - $27.70
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ADVANCE is a liquid hand soap of neutral pH which has been formulated with a combination of mild surfactants, emollients and moisturisers. It is gentle clean and supports healthy skin. It is ideal for use in all washroom facilities at hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and other establishments, in order to maintain an optimum level of personal hygiene. ADVANCE can be dispensed via fixed or mobile foam dispensers.

Contains emollients
- Perfumed
- Free rinsing properties
- Hard water compatible
- Rich creamy foam
- Dispensed via a foam dispenser

Directions for use:
Dispense a small amount of ADVANCE onto hands, gently work up a rich lather and rinse with water. To prevent microbial contamination of the product, close containers immediately after use and do not add or insert any foreign materials or objects. Consult your Caskade representative for further information.

Areas of use
- Hospitals
- Nursing homes
- Restaurants
- Hotels & motels
- Shower & ablution areas
- Public facilities
- Food processing plants
- Fresh produce areas