Alkali Clean 5L

Alkali Clean 5L

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Alkali Clean 5L - $31.42
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Marketing Chemicals Alkali Clean is a heavy duty, alkaline degreaser especially formulated to efficiently clean animal, vegetable fats & oils from hard surfaces. This product is a very effective cleaner for the removal of oil, grease & inorganic soils from concrete, metal & other washable surfaces. Alkali Clean is also recommended for use in steam cleaning equipment.

- Degreasing workshop floors and equipment.
- Concrete Cleaning.
- Hot Tank Soak Cleaning.

- Dilute1 part Alkali Clean to 10 parts water. Scrub in with stiff broom, rinse with strong jet of water.

Steam Cleaning - Light Duty:
- 1 Part Alkali Clean to 80 parts water.

Steam Cleaning - Heavy Duty:
- 1 Part Alkali Clean to 40 parts water.

Hot Tank Soak Cleaning:
- Operate at 10-20% by volume @80-100C. Immerse articles, periodically inspect & when cleaned, rinse off with water.

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