30 Seconds Water Spot Remover 946ml

30 Seconds Water Spot Remover 946ml

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30 Seconds Water Spot Remover 946ml - $44.30
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Removes mineral build-up on hard surfaces

Imported from USA.

Get your water-stained surfaces back to looking shiny and new with 30 SECONDS Water Spot Remover. Our unique formula contains a jeweller-grade abrasive that is strong enough to remove tough stains and light enough not to damage the underlying surface. It removes built-up deposits caused by lime, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and other hard minerals. It's also effective against grease, oil, tree sap, mildew and soap scum. 30 SECONDS Water Spot Remover also includes an oxygen-bleach disinfectant that kills odour-causing bacteria and leaves your surface with a pleasant mint fragrance.

Use on
Use around the bathroom on glass shower doors (not tinted, not plexiglass), fibreglass showers and tubs, tiles, grout, toilets and other porcelain. Perfect around the house on windows, glass stove tops, glass fire doors, Formica, stained cups and bowls. Also effective at removing oxidation deposits, rust stains, oil and rubber marks. Great for cleaning BBQs, stainless steel, outdoor furniture, car rims, bike rims, pots and pans.

Not recommended on
Tinted & treated glass, car windows, windscreens, painted surfaces, marble, soft plastics, acrylic surfaces, brass, silver or stainless steel appliances.