PRO-JUGpremium plastic measuring jugs are designed for the rigours of commercial use.
Accurate and reliable, and in a range of convenient shapes and sizes,
PRO-JUG products are suitable for all types of liquids and a range of industries from science to agriculture, animal health and more

Clear measurements - Raised increments marked by hot foil for permanent and easy-to-read measures.
Safe grip - Unique handle design ensures safety, even while wearing gloves.
Pouring control - Unique spout design for excellent pouring control and easy use.
Anti-spill design - Large freeboard area (space between liquid and top of jug) reduces risk of spillage.

Capacity - 250 ml
Increments - 5 ml
- Top 73 mm
- Bottom 59 mm
Height - 120 mm
Material Food Grade Polypropylene


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